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Omer Arbel

After apprenticeships at Miralles Tagliabue Architects and Patkau Architects, in 2005, Arbel founded a multidisciplinary design studio focused on blurring the boundaries between the fields of building, industrial design, and materials research. It has been said of Arbel’s practice that its industrial design works, in both limited edition and mass produced formats, appear to be motivated by larger scale concepts which can only be considered architectural. Conversely, critics have noted that the practice’s built works appear to be inspired by an obsession with the object, the possibilities implicit in the process of making, and the intrinsic quality of materials. In 2005, Arbel became Bocci’s creative director. His conceptual approach, now fueled by an infrastructure for prototyping, fine craft, manufacturing and distribution, has given birth to a collection of conceptually driven lighting, furniture, electrical accessories and objects, which have since gained significant presence and impact within the design community.

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This low voltage pendant is designed to be clustered. Each individual pendant is an articulated cast glass sphere with a frosted cylindrical void that houses either a 10 watt xenon or 1.5 watt LED lamp.

Popular residential and commercial applications include clusters over tables in dining rooms and restaurants, accessory lighting in living rooms and baths, linear configurations over bars and kitchen islands, large clusters in foyers and lobbies in both private and public spaces, as well as single pendants as points of interest.

The round, brushed nickel canopy is available in two depths and comes standard with 3m of coaxial cable. Additional cable lengths are available in increments of 3m up to 36m for special requests.

The canopy is 116mm in diameter and 40mm deep. It is designed for surface mounted applications that cannot make use of a junction box or ceiling cavity. The canopy is completely enclosed by a backplate, which houses the transformer.

The 14.1 is a strain relief connection, which allows for the pendant length to be adjusted on site.

Verð frá: 64.900 kr.

Afhendingartími: 8 - 12 vikur

64.900 kr.

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