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Bigger hliðarborð
frá Poliform
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Sketch hilla
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Ipsilon hliðarborð/kollur
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Bigger sófaborð
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Matteo Nunziati

Matteo Nunziati opened his interior design office in Milan in 2000 and collaborates with some of the most important furniture, lighting and home accessories firms. He is specialized in designing luxury hotels, residences, wellness centers, and spas. he also realizes set ups for exhibitions, events and fairs. He projects a luxury wellness center of 2000 sqm downtown Milan in the year 2004. In the years 2005-2006 his project activities become significant in the United Arab Emirates where he realizes two hotel-residences in towers of 20 and 40 floors at dubai and the interior design of 50 houses. From the year 2004 to 2008 he teaches at the domus academy and the IDI interior design institute in Milan and at the department of industrial design at the National Taipei university of technology in Taipei. In 2006 he participates at the exhibition “50+2y Italian Design” at the national art museum of China in Beijing and to the “brand and designers china iniziative 2006” in Shenzen. in 2007 and 2008 he organizes events within the fair “Abitare il tempo” in Verona (Italy), mipim Cannes (France), Cityscape (Dubai), Salone internazionale del mobile Milan (italy). In 2008 he is invited to speak as an expert of “hotel design” and “wellness-spa design” at the following conferences: “Eire” Milan, “European spa summit” Paris, “Wellness world exhibition” Milan, “Sia guest” Rimini. His projects have been published in the most important italian and international design magazines. Sky tv dedicated 4 episodes where Matteo Nunziati expressed his design experiences.

Class skenkur

Class, design by Matteo Nunziati, is a sideboard with a modern aesthetic, which is interpreted with harmony and elegance. An example of perfect equilibrium between modernity and naturalness.

Not only sideboards: i like a collection that makes me discover my world. Have a look at Poliform’s range and you’ll find that thestyle you have always dreamt of actually exists. Solid units, classic lines and the impeccable elegance ofthe finishes and covers, this is a collection that can reflect your style.

Hanging sideboard in spessart oak or with feet in “burnished” metal. Hanging version or with feet in burnished metal with 2 flap doors, open space and 1 drawer. Class high cupboard with leaf door with 180° opening and open space with shelves. For all versions an extractible inner tray for cutlery with shelf and front covered in hide is availableHigh sideboard with a 180° opening. Structure in spessart oak, drawers and shelves in hide and wood.

Verð 499.900 - 719.900 kr. 15% afsláttur
Núna: 424.915 - 611.915 kr.
  • Spessart eik / 230x45sm d. 47,3sm (611.915 kr.)
  • 230x72sm d. 47,3sm (539.665 kr.)
  • 100x120sm d. 45sm (424.915 kr.)

Afhendingartími: 8 - 12 vikur

424.915 kr.

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