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White sófi
frá Minotti
Verð frá 1.379.900 kr
Marmarabakki oval 16x20sm, white
frá H.Skjalm P.
Verð frá 4.290 kr
Marmarabakki oval 26x35sm, white
frá H.Skjalm P.
Verð frá 7.490 kr

A. Kleene & G. Assmann

Alfred Kleene was born in Cloppenburg in 1953 and Gabriele Assmann was born just six years later in Warendorf. Alfred Kleene studied interior design at college in Detmold, whilst Gabriele Assmann studied design in Münster. In 1983 they set up a joint studio specializing in furniture design and product development. Their overriding interest is in developing modern furniture for the domestic and commercial market, as well as exhibitions. Together they work for leading international companies in the furniture industry.

White sófi

The White sofa by Minotti, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, is one of the top products of the prestigious company Minotti, a leader in the Made in Italy furniture field.

The features that make the White sofa so popular are without any doubt the presence of a very wide series of choices for the seat, and a perfect balance between lines and volumes. Thanks to the many modules available, it is possible to obtain as much compositions. They range from the more traditional linear sofa with two armrests, to the corner version, to the peninsula, dormeuse and built-in low table versions. With a similar quality, that always combines with elegance of shapes, it is not difficult to understand why the White sofa is the ideal solution for many environments, for wide, small, formal and informal spaces.

The seats of the White sofa are large, cozy and comfortable. Its cushions, very wide as well, overlap with the base creating a sophisticated horizontal linearity. All padded elements contain variable-density polyuretane, goose down or both. Everything lays on a wooden structure covered in fabric, leather or, in the special version, in saddle leather. The seat and backrest cushions coverings and the structure coverings are always completely removable.

White sofa is made even more lightweight by die-cast aluminum feet in Peltro color, that make the line of the sofa slimmer.

If the user prefers it, it is possible to place a low table-container along the backrest or to replace one of the armrests. The container can be made of MDF lacquered wood or covered in saddle leather with precious hand-made stitching.

Verð frá: 1.379.900 kr.

Afhendingartími: 8 - 12 vikur

1.379.900 kr.

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