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THIS MAKES A PIECE OF FURNITURE A PIECE OF MORE FURNITURE Today, everyone talks about sustainability. For us that means designing and producing furniture that will look just as beautiful in ten years as it does now. Furniture that you’ll want to use every day and which enriches your life a little. This should also particularly involve a minimalist, clear design. more furniture should create a room by promoting freedom instead of dominating. Every object follows an idea and surprises with well-thought-out solutions: e.g. Corbo, the chair with the comfort of an armchair. Or Stato, the first solid wood table that doesn’t need a frame and so provides more legroom. The high quality of the materials and perfect workmanship are just as important to us as the design. The wood comes from sustainable forests, and is carefully chosen and stored. Our furniture is exclusively manufactured in Germany, where we work with experienced manufacturers, some of them ever since more was founded in 1993. Long-term, cooperative partnerships with designers, dealers, suppliers and producers are important to us, as only quality people create quality furniture.

Pec stóll
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Verð 144.900 kr. 20% afsláttur
Núna: 115.920 kr.
Pec armstóll
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Verð 194.900 kr. 20% afsláttur
Núna: 155.920 kr.
LAX gangaborð
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Verð 289.900 kr. 20% afsláttur
Núna: 231.920 kr.
LAX Messing gangaborð
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Verð 304.900 kr. 20% afsláttur
Núna: 243.920 kr.
Tosh bekkur
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Verð 344.900 kr. 20% afsláttur
Núna: 275.920 kr.
Tosh hringborð
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Verð 499.900 kr. 20% afsláttur
Núna: 399.920 kr.
Lax bekkur
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Verð 524.900 kr. 20% afsláttur
Núna: 419.920 kr.
Tosh borð
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Verð 574.900 kr. 20% afsláttur
Núna: 459.920 kr.
LAX skrifborð
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Verð 639.900 kr. 20% afsláttur
Núna: 511.920 kr.
Tin borð
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Verð 714.900 kr. 20% afsláttur
Núna: 571.920 kr.
LAX borð
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Verð 739.900 kr. 20% afsláttur
Núna: 591.920 kr.
LAX skenkur
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Verð 754.900 kr. 20% afsláttur
Núna: 603.920 kr.
Volta borð
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Verð 764.900 kr. 20% afsláttur
Núna: 611.920 kr.